Customhouse Clearance

Customhouse Clearance

Global trade is more of a challenge than ever before and efficient customhouse clearance plays a critical role. Businesses must be ready to deal with complex trade agreements and ensure their compliance with a wide variety of international rules and regulations. Add to this the importance of national and international security requirements, and the stage is set for a global marketplace that brings growing challenges, as well as, growing opportunities. In light of these factors, it is clear that having a knowledgeable, competent company like EWC Global Logistics to help find the way through the world in dealing with trade in the United States is necessary.

Our Customhouse brokerage service aim is to provide importers with a seamless and transparent Customs clearance process. With EWC, procedures are put into place and time guidelines are strictly adhered to. Thus, we avoid the mistake of not having proper documentation to enable a proper Customs entry to be filed such as: inaccurate descriptions, invoices in a foreign language (Regulations state that they must be in English), and inaccurate values appearing on the invoices.

EWC monitors Customs releases constantly throughout the day in an effort to make sure that airline and steamship line pick- ups are made in a timely manner. Importations subject to the FDA are also closely monitored to insure that the FDA action performed is dealt with and that the importers are kept apprised as to the status of the shipment.

EWC is also an expert in importing products that require clearance from other government agencies such as the Food & Drug Administration. Thus, avoiding common problems associated with Customhouse clearance such as: storage and demurrage issues, inability of the broker to properly classify the goods for Customs purposes thus, delaying the Customs entry process, and inability to distribute goods until FDA problems are resolved.

In essence, we control shipment from door to door. We are responsible for coordinating with our overseas agent, the pick-up of the shipment from the manufacturer, reviewing the documentation prior to shipping and securing all necessary information prior to a shipment leaving a country.

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In Jan 2016, EWC Global Logistics became part of the Charles Kendall Group, a family-owned London based supply chain management group.

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