International Shipping

International shipping encompasses the exporting of cargo to an overseas destination. EWC is well-informed of import guidelines and procedures of foreign countries, as well as the export regulations of the United States government, and the documents related to overseas export. Our established strategic partnerships with overseas agents around the globe meet the needs of our clients by placing EWC representatives in host countries for the sole purpose of offering our clients an effective door to door service.

The price of international shipping is indeed greater than domestic shipping which can cause an importer unexpected costs which equates to less profit. EWC combats these anxieties by always providing our clients with good faith estimates that do not reflect any hidden costs.

In cases where an importer is unaware of the fact that their goods have already been shipped and does not have the shipping details, Importer Security Filing (ISF), may not have been filed timely and accurately. In addition, storage may accrue at both the airline and/or the steamship line pier. But if EWC is involved, communication between the shipper, overseas agent, and the importer guarantees timely and proper ISF for ocean freight shipments. In addition, we make sure that documentation is secured in advance to enable entries to be prepared and Customs releases to be secured prior to the arrival of freight.

Domestic Shipping

Domestic shipping is performed in the United States and encompasses all shipping among areas within the United States. Shipping within the United States is performed once the international shipment is cleared. EWC also provides domestic transportation services to their clients for domestic moves only.

By choosing EWC, we help you successfully ship domestically. Avoid the hassle of deliveries made without proper appointments, as well as the problem of deliveries being made to incorrect addresses. Shipments delivered to wrong locations often result in both delays and additional costs to the importer. Also, failing to contact the person responsible on the receiving end of the product usually results in delays at the warehouse. However, EWC communicates with their clients, the client's truckers and/or the EWC chosen carrier to insure delivery needs are met in a timely, hassle- free manner.

At times, lack of control of a shipment can be an issue since the domestic aspect of your cargo's trip after Customs clearance is chosen by the shipper based on Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) terms of sale. However, EWC reviews the import program with our clients and we address the impacts that various Incoterms may have on their shipments, including DDU shipments. Using EWC and its agents, guarantees control of the shipment with open communication among EWC employs. EWC knows that successful shipping relies on open communication and the establishment of personal relationships among our agents and our clients.

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In Jan 2016, EWC Global Logistics became part of the Charles Kendall Group, a family-owned London based supply chain management group.

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